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PhilCare is Wellness

With more than 30 years in the industry, PhilCare has gone on to be one of the leading innovators in the healthcare industry. We aspire to be the leading brand that makes significant impact in the industry in terms of empowering our customers and the public in healthy living through continuous wellness information campaigns via our digital channels, strategic worksite wellness events, and by forging alliances with wellness partners.

PhilCare remains committed to its customers—focused to deliver innovative and technology-enabled customer experience while improving the customer’s access to healthcare services.


PhilCare has a complete array of health plans from basic hospitalization care to a more comprehensive set of health care benefits with annual physical examination, consultation, diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, emergency and hospitalization benefits. We go beyond health care as we provide wellness programs as well as term life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, travel assistance, and even lifestyle concierge services.

For small and large corporations, PhilCare offers group comprehensive plans fully customizable by employers, from choosing the amount and the conditions of coverage to picking the riders. Whether a company is starting with just 5 employees or is a full-grown small and medium enterprise, SME healthcare plans, with group life insurance benefit designed specifically, are available.


PhilCare’s services are delivered through a combination of people and digital channels.

Our commitment to provide exceptional service to our customers inspired us to innovate and transform the way we deliver customer experience through digital channels. Our digital and social channels include:

    – Hey, Phil! mobile app

    – NFC-enabled membership cards and approval system

    – Interactive portals

    – e-Commerce facility

    – Social Media presence

Filipino MD

An independent organization catered to bringing enriching opportunities to doctors, researchers and medical institutions.


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