Cell Surface Proteins

  • T cells TCR (binds antigen-MHC complex)

    CD3 (associated with TCR for signal transduction)

    CD28 (binds B7 (CD80/86) on APC)

    Helper T cells CD4, CD40L, CXCR4/CCR5 (co-receptor for HIV)
    Cytotoxic T cells CD8
    Regulatory T cells CD4, CD25
    B cells Ig (binds antigen)

    CD19, CD20, CD21 (receptor for EBV), CD40

    MHC II, B7

    You can drink Beer at the Bar when you’re 21: B cells, Epstein-Barr virus, CD21.

    Macrophages CD14 (receptor for PAMPs, eg, LPS), CD40


    MHC II, B7 (CD80/86)

    Fc and C3b receptors (enhanced phagocytosis)

    NK cells CD16, CD56 (suggestive marker for NK)
    Hematopoietic stem cells CD34

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