How to make your hospital workplace better

There are plenty of different hospital workplaces. It is always a different experience in each one. But in order to create an ideal hospital workplace, it is important to start with one’s own outlook.


Create a culture of empathy

Always be considerate of the feelings of other colleagues, subordinates, and superiors. Being able to empathize means to be able to think of what’s going through their heads, and to be able to offer a helping hand during the times they need you. If you can help out, try to do so. Spend time with them on your free time and ask about their own lives. We are all human beings with the need to be heard.

Teach the younger ones, and ask questions from the older ones

You always have something to learn from your superiors. If you’re not sure about your physical examination finding, your assessment or your management, do ask. It’s the best move not just for you, but also for the patient. When you teach your juniors, your juniors will be able to trust your judgment in clinical dilemmas. When the time comes, they will be able to refer to you if they can’t manage their patients on their own.

Enjoy learning on a daily basis

As a doctor, you can never stop learning. Make a habit of studying every day, not just for exams, but more importantly, to be able to give the best care for your patient. If you are stuck writing charts, take note of why you are writing what you are writing, and improve your understanding of the disease you are trying to cure. Take electronic flash cards with you throughout your day. Share your knowledge with your colleagues. Ask your colleagues for more knowledge if they are better on a particular subject.

Be meticulous

Write your endorsements and your chart notes with the intent to give maximum convenience to those who will read them. If you do, you are ensured that patient care will be given more efficiently, reducing mishaps in management. Neat, complete notes will also speak volumes on how you care for your patients and how much your colleagues will trust you.

Take care of your body

Exercise regularly, sleep when you can, and eat healthily. Easier said than done. But if you do take about thirty minutes thrice a week, get seven hours of sleep, and eat foods that aren’t fried and contain fiber, they may actually go a long way.

Prioritize patient care

There are patients who may be demanding, unable to pay, or uncooperative. Understand the patient’s position and try to engage them in a way that will keep their health optimal, within their means. The greater the patient feels that you are working your utmost to make them feel better, the better your hospital will be.


It takes a lot of effort to do these things. However, they make a big difference in how your workplace will be. An enjoyable workplace yields far better patient outcomes because everyone is little concerned about their workplace troubles, and more concerned about giving the best care for their patients.

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